Fran L.

How to Foster Healthy Relationships at Work.

What is a healthy working relationship, and why is it important to have one?


A healthy working relationship is one that maintains coexistence, collaboration, confrontation, and commitment without compromising the physical, mental, or emotional integrity of the work team at all levels.

This is largely determined by what is known as ‘work culture,’ which is nothing more than the set of beliefs, habits, customs, norms, and behaviors that a company cultivates and hence the responsibility to do it well.

Establishing an environment that favors harmonious coexistence and work conciliation is dependent on the congruence between what is said and what is done.


Let’s talk about 5 ways to build positive relationships at work.

  • First, harmony is created when there is a clear demonstration of fairness. By this, we mean that it is just as important to publicly recognize the worker as it is to reprimand him or her in private. Omitting either can lead to dissatisfaction that, eventually, ends in discord or erosion of relationships.
  • Establish boundaries. This is on a personal as well as organizational level; the most significant thing with boundaries is that they are crystal clear to everyone, as are the consequences of violating them. Respect will be shown if a limit is communicated respectfully and clearly, and others will think twice before abusing them. In the opposite direction, the consequences are devastating.
  • Respect for individuality. Each person is a universe, and we all have our dreams, illusions, life purpose, talents, and internal battles that lead us to be the way we are. Being aware of our role in the lives of our colleagues can significantly strengthen the relationship.
  • Share knowledge. Not everything is interesting to everyone, but it is certain that a relationship of growth and discovery is created when you share tasks, ideas, or resources that are interesting to others. For this, we must always watch others.
  • Seeing you act is the most powerful way to impact your team. Procrastination is a powerful enemy that undermines credibility, trust, and the relationship between colleagues. If you say something, you also do it.

Effective communication and conflict resolution techniques, emotional intelligence and motivation training are some of the tips that I recommend taking to a more advanced level.

It is challenging to work with teams, but it is even more satisfying when you connect with them as beings and understand their individuality, their personal history, and the reasons why they cannot do things differently.

Before rejecting someone at work, before firing them, before refusing to deal with them, give yourself the opportunity to get to know them. Perhaps they come with a work culture of abuse, without limits, without harmony, and it is in your power to change it.


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