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Mental Wellness: The Power of Your Thoughts to Create a Fulfilling Reality

Well-being, when, where?

Every thought is energy and energy is the capacity to create or transform, and the mind has only one action: thinking 24/7, so you are always creating, you generate at all times, conscious or distracted you generate conclusions called beliefs or mental states when you come to conviction by thinking and feeling about aspects of your life and information from the environment so according to the law of cause and effect also called hermetic axiom, as above so below, as within so without, the invisible thought manifests in the visible effect, your body and your experiences, and you can check your development by checking your causal power, everything is thought and only what you think affects you by the law of individuality which states that no one can think or feel for another, life is completely individual.

Your mentality lives in the present time, for the mind there is no past or future, everything is thought of here and now, what you think is heard by all the molecules of your body, and the process of electromagnetic biochemistry unfolds detonating emotional bursts and that is how you feel.

Well-being, etymologically means from well + being, after Italian benessere, to be or to live in an elevated level, it is a mental state of harmony because you think, feel, say and do in energetic coherence, and it makes you feel comfortable in the skin you inhabit generating from your mental attitude a balanced behavior. The only thing that tires the mind is the wrong thinking, sustained, lacking quality as complaint, doubt, dissatisfaction, victimization, haste and many more, that you produce in your mental discomfort with the torrent of chemicals that your body receives in overdose until the oxidative stress with which you place yourself in a state of alert where rejection, defense and flight are reactions to the environment and from there there there is no space or ability to see possibilities to choose a higher option.

Massage, sound therapy, tapping, infusion, prayer, mantras, breathing techniques and others are tools to support your balance, to know the massage of the emotions, to go through the crises, to transform yourself and to recognize the evolutionary process that you are becoming and to give continuity to your development attached to Harmony.
You have the power to create your reality by choosing your thoughts, since they are the raw material to manifest, like seeds that you sow in the fertile field of your mentality and from which you will reap the fruits, do not expect apples by sowing ivy.
To “be well” in your place of peace, your individual mind, and to give yourself a present by experiencing the REALITY OF GOOD choose to think and feel only what is good and right, for good thinking heals, soothes, enhances, improves, beautifies, completes, perfects and enhances the Mental Well-Being you wish to experience here and now.
Repetition forms a state of mind, your state of mind governs your thinking and your thinking causes your experiences, repeat with your mental voice:


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