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Dive into the World of Wellness: Celebrating World Bathing Day

Are you ready to make a splash and embrace the power of water for your well-being? Today, we celebrate World Bathing Day, a global movement that honors the rejuvenating and healing qualities of bathing. This special day, which is celebrated every June 22, has gained momentum worldwide, encouraging people to reconnect with the therapeutic essence of water.

In the realm of wellness trends, one phenomenon has taken center stage in 2023: Wellness + Water. Renowned journalist Jane Kitchen aptly described it as “Blue, Hot, and Wild.” The pandemic has sparked a craving for immersive nature experiences, and in response, people are flocking to the world’s wild waters to indulge in what is now known as “blue wellness.”

Let’s explore the hot side of this trend. Hot springs are emerging as the next big thing in wellness, offering an unparalleled experience. Around the globe, there’s an influx of new hot springs destinations, reviving forgotten facilities and introducing exciting developments. Picture this: live entertainment, watery wellness classes, and vibrant restaurants and bars complementing the traditional soaking experience. Peninsula Hot Springs in Australia treats visitors to live bands and hot springs yoga, while Sky Lagoon in Reykjavik allows you to soak in the midnight sun, sipping prosecco from a swim-up bar. ESCON Field in Hokkaido will even offer the unique combination of watching a baseball game while immersed in hot springs. Affordable, social, and inclusive, this new era of hot springs attracts a diverse, younger crowd seeking holistic well-being.

Now, let’s explore the invigorating world of cold and wild swimming, which has transcended the realm of serious athletes. Embracing the power of connection and inclusivity, groups like the Bluetits Chill Swimmers offer shared experiences that foster a sense of belonging. Resorts worldwide, beyond the UK, are catching onto the trend, offering guided programs for wild swimming enthusiasts. Whether it’s the Hotel J in Sweden or New York’s Mohonk Mountain House, these destinations invite you to explore the thrill of wild swimming. And for those seeking even more adventure, cross-country swimming combines the exhilaration of hiking with the refreshing immersion in nature’s waters. As a testament to this growing trend, individuals are even opting for natural swimming ponds over traditional concrete pools.

So, as we celebrate World Bathing Day, let’s embrace the future of wellness and nature immersion. Immerse yourself in the blue, hot, cold, and wild experiences that await you. Allow the therapeutic power of water to soothe your soul and awaken your senses. Whether you embark on a serene hot springs journey or dive into the untamed beauty of wild swimming, let this global movement inspire you to explore new horizons and discover the transformative effects of “blue wellness.”

Happy World Bathing Day!


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