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The Rise of Wellness Family Vacations: A New Trend in the Hotel Industry

As the Wellness Travel trend continues to rise, a new group of travelers has emerged: parents seeking wellness family vacations. According to a survey by The Consult, more than half of families with children under 18 are interested in wellness-focused travel experiences.

But what exactly is a wellness family vacation morning? It’s a combination of activities that promote wellness for the whole family, such as yoga, meditation, hiking, and healthy breakfasts. And hoteliers and wellness resorts owners and operators should take note of this trend to attract families looking for meaningful travel experiences.

With the pandemic highlighting the importance of health and wellbeing, families are prioritizing vacations that incorporate wellness into their daily routines. CNBC reported that 90% of parents said they would be more likely to book a vacation that includes activities that support their children’s mental and physical health.

Wellness family vacation mornings can be tailored to the specific needs and interests of each family, including children of all ages. Resorts can offer a range of activities, from gentle yoga for young children to challenging hikes for teenagers. And by offering healthy breakfast options, families can start the day with nutritious meals that fuel their bodies for the day ahead.

But this trend isn’t just limited to family-oriented properties. Adults-The Rise of Wellness Family Vacations: A New Trend in Hospitalityonly resorts can also create wellness programs for specific seasons or weekends where families can enjoy it. For example, offering a family-friendly wellness weekend during the summer months can attract parents seeking a break from the daily routine and a chance to connect with their children in a meaningful way.

The benefits of wellness family vacation mornings go beyond just physical health. By promoting activities that support mental health, such as mindfulness exercises, families can also bond and connect on a deeper level. And by making wellness a priority during vacations, parents can model healthy habits for their children, encouraging them to prioritize their own health and wellbeing throughout their lives.

The wellness family vacation morning is a rising trend in the travel industry, and hoteliers and wellness resorts owners and operators should take note. By incorporating wellness activities and healthy breakfast options, resorts can attract families looking for meaningful travel experiences that prioritize their health and wellbeing. This is not just limited to family-oriented properties; even adults-only resorts can create programs that cater to families seeking wellness travel experiences.


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