Fran L.

Mindful Living & Happiness Habits You Can Adopt Today

The perception of our existence and the recognition of reality seem simple tasks that, on many occasions, we overlook because it is our brain that processes the information and, as a result, provides us with a personal state of mind in which each individual guides in his own way the way he interacts with himself and his environment.

Although we are not the only conscious beings, our evolutionary development has allowed us to reflect, socialize, empathize, analyze, search and try to understand the meaning of “I” and the purpose we have when we relate to nature, animals, including humans and the universe in general.

In all this concept of consciousness, there is still the mysterious, the magical, which connects us with the world of spirituality, since it can not only be based on the functioning of the cerebral cortex, since much of what consciousness means, is subjective and intrinsic to each person.

The conscience is the one that guides us on the line of good and evil, which can be different for each culture; this is how, joining it to another concept, what is called collective conscience is generated, which helps us to function as a society, ideally harmonious.

If consciousness is reduced to a function that we aren’t concerned about, and this is performed autonomously, there would be no difference between just living for living, and being in a trance state, where we are not really enjoying ourselves and all those wonderful stimuli that nature provides us with every second of our day.

We can re-learn to reconnect, to love ourselves, to love ourselves and thus enjoy the present, to live with full consciousness, and not let the time we have in this world slip through our fingers, between worries, fears, and superfluous things.

An essential act to love oneself is to establish self-care, through the prevention of physical, mental and emotional health. Here are some suggestions you can start with: learning about and engaging in your body’s functioning, physical activation (choose what appeals to you: dance, weights, outdoor exercise, walking, running, etc.), nutrient-rich food, exploring and immersing yourself in nature, contemplation, or exploring your local culture.

By reconnecting with your body and establishing a new relationship with your environment, you will experience greater presence, significantly reducing the negative effects of stress, such as anxiety, headaches and physical ailments, among other benefits.


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